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Welcome to stephlynn's Graphix Community. Here you will find many different types of Graphix including mood themes, icons, banners and layouts. To see the graphix check the memories.

1. COMMENT IF YOU TAKE. If you do download a mood theme, comment on the post to let me know. That way I can keep track of my bandwidth, and I know if I should make more in that category.

CREDIT. If you use one of my graphix on your LJ, credit to stephlynn in your user info.

DO NOT HOTLINK. Do not hotlink anything that is posted in this LJ. Save it, and upload it to your own server.

DO NOT ALTER. Please don't alter any of my images. If you want to recolor something please ask me first.

5. POSTING ACCESS. I am the only person posting on the community as I am the only one making the graphix. If you would like to join the team. Please email me at sharmon6@cox.net

ASK. Any questions? Check out the Community FAQ (coming soon)

* Community FAQ (coming soon)
* Owner Website
* Graphics

Link Buttons

Please save to your own server. Use this code to copy to a site/user info. If you want to use a different image just change the button1 to button2 and so on.

You may also use these buttons instead of a text link for credit.